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Super Mario Odyssey In Real Life

Super Mario Odyssey In Real Life

Super Mario Odyssey In Real Life I started this project in the beginning of September 2017. It ended up taking a lot longer than expected. I’ve been working on it off and on since then and had most of the shots done by March 2018. I had a song in mind that I wanted to use for this, but it was not my own and I didn’t want to run into copyright issues. I was still thinking about using it, just to get this out already, but I reluctantly decided to make my own beat and write lyrics to it, which I struggled with. I also had decided to make a separate song for the end shot (Jump Up Superstar Remix). Those couple of things ended up adding another few months to this project. Although there are some things I don’t really care for in this video, I am glad that it is done and ready to be viewed by others. I hope you enjoy it! Directed, Edited, Produced, Visual FX, Animated, Music, Sound Design by Banks. Cast: Mario: Banks New Donk Girl: Cam Music: Odyssey Rap - Banks The Final Superstar - Banks Extra special thanks to Bob, Ang, Cam, for helping me film the gimbal shots, carry equipment, and much more. It is much appreciated and this video wouldn’t have happened without all of your help! Huge Thanks to: God Check the links below to keep updated with latest content. -------------------- Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
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