Jigglypuff Part 3 coming July 27, 2017!

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Jigglypuff Part 3 coming soon!


New Video: Donkey Kong Classic

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CLICK HERE to watch!


Dear Subscribers

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It has been a while since I posted anything, so I made an update video. CLICK HERE to watch.


NEW VIDEO: Flappy Bird Real Life Graphics

Posted by | February 4, 2014 at 10:46 pm

Flappy Bird Real Life Graphics

I was playing around in Zbrush and ended up making a quick video on what the “Flappy Bird” game might look like with real life graphics. CLICK HERE to watch!

Programs used: Zbrush, Cinema 4D, Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Logic Pro.


VIDEO CONTEST: iPhone Users VS Android Users

Posted by | December 6, 2013 at 6:20 pm

Please VOTE for this video!

UPDATE: The contest is over and I ended up getting second place for judges pick. Thanks for everyone’s support!

Hi Everyone. If you have a moment, please CLICK THIS LINK TO VOTE, then click the orange “Vote” button. You can do this once a day, until next Thursday, December 12th.

By doing this, you are getting me one step closer to winning a contest that is giving 2 winners a RED Scarlet Camera.

Here is a little about my experience of entering the contest:

I decided to enter a contest held by MOGA and the theme was “iPhone Users VS Android Users”. Basically, contestants had about a week to create a video based on this theme, as well as including 3 elements in your entry–a burrito, a helmet, and a song lyric.

I started off on Tuesday, when the challenge was announced, by thinking of a concept for the first couple of days. I didn’t do any producing because I had already had prior engagements, since my birthday falls around that time as well as Thanksgiving.

When Friday came around, I went shopping around for everything that I needed, costume, props, etc. By that night, I also had the iTunes dancing girl idea, so I made the short beat that the iTunes girl dances to, in about an hour or less.

By Saturday, I had all my props and ideas. I planned to start shooting on that day. I wasn’t 100% ready, but there wasn’t any time left to wait.I got almost all the shots I needed and ended shooting around 2am.

Sunday, I woke up, went to church, then came home at around noon and began working till about 4am. During that time, I edited a lot of the intro footage, and created my 3d scene (Table scene).

On Monday, I started editing the beginning of the “battle” between two phones. I got the bug droid and laser scenes done, and moved on to the Siri scene. That took a couple of hours. I then edited all of the “dancing girl” footage by giving it the “iTunes commercial” effect. Some of the dancing girl was edited in between projects, as it took a while to transform her since there was a lot of rotoscoping involved. I then put her in the scene with the bug droid, animated the hits and finished that scene. Just before the night was over, I finished the growing bug droid throwing google plus blades at the girl. I was doing pretty good on time so far. I then got some sleep. Again, it was around 4am.

I finished the Emoji scene on Tuesday and started to wrap up. I still needed to finish the intro, and the ending. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do the intro. I decided to put a music track at the beginning so I began working on a song. I played the bass and the main keys and I thought it was good enough so I left it, and began editing the intro to the beat. It was missing something visually. Everything was shot on a green screen, but it didn’t look right. I ended up giving it a mysterious dream look by adding a bunch of colors. I finished that around 7am the next morning (Wednesday), then began to lie down and think of how I was going to end it, being that I had to submit it by the end of that day.

I took a short nap at around 9am, woke up at 12pm, and started looking over everything. I After a bunch of touch ups, I eventually filmed the final scene around 4pm. I quickly edited it and added more animations of the bug droid. As I was looking over it after it was all done (around 8pm) I thought of another idea. I originally had me with the iPhone MOGA controller, then I put it down and become surprised at the fact the the bug droid is there, but I thought, since I have the MOGA controller for the ANDROID as well, I should instead add that in the scene, and remove my surpised look, to make it seem like that is who I was playing all along. I quickly went pack and shot the MOGA Android controller on the table, composed it into the scene, wrapped up and uploaded around 11pm on Wednesday (It was due at 4am my time on Thursday morning).

Overall it was an interesting experience. It was definitely the fastest video I ever made. Although I barely ate, slept, and literally din’t shower for three days, I am glad I did it. It also showed me that, if needed, you can do a lot of things in just a short time, and regardless of what happens from here, I am just glad that I pushed myself to do it.



NEW SONG: Tetrominoes (A Tetris Theme “A” Rendition by Banks) FREE DOWNLOAD

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You can download this song for FREE by clicking HERE.

This song was used in my “Tetris In Real Life” video, seen HERE


NEW VIDEO: Tetris In Real Life

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CLICK HERE to watch a short film I made entitled, “Tetris In Real Life”!


More screenshots below:







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